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I’ve lived in the Twin Cities for almost two years now, and public transportation still makes me somewhat queasy. It takes a thorough review of bus routes and aerial maps before I can get near a bus. I can only imagine that a taxi ride in a foreign country would require months of planning. But, both here and in a foreign country, public transportation is often the best way to get around.

Experienced traveler and PBS personality Rick Steves would be my first source for taxi advice abroad.  While he says that “if you’re going to get ripped off in Europe, it’ll probably be by a cabbie,” he also provides reassuring advice: tipping protocol, how to avoid dishonest cabbies,  and cities with the most reasonable rates. In Rome, for example, it’s cheaper to take a bus or train instead of a taxi. These tips are a great resource for everyone–even you well weathered light rail commuters might need some help in a Prague Metro station.


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