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With the continued use of technology comes the continued hassle of booking hotels online.  I say hassle because we never know what we are realistically getting ourselves into when we book online at a hotel we’ve never visited.  I’ve experienced my share of hotels that promoted themselves fantastically online, but were duds in reality.  I specifically recall booking a room online for my trip to Chicago.  The well-lit spacious rooms turned into dingy cramped spaces, and neither the pool nor the continental breakfast existed.

But there’s no reason, or should I say less of a reason, to fear now that Trip Advisor has come out with their Dirtiest Hotels of 2010 list.  The list is comprised of the top ten filthiest places to stay in seven different regions.  Headed to France? Consider avoiding the Hotel Baudelaire Bastille.  Maybe you’re headed to Singapore instead.  In which case you might not want to stay at the Goldkist Beach Resort.  And that’s not all, Trip Advisor also supplies a list of traveler’s choice hotels so you don’t even have to sift through the bad ones if you’d rather not.  So keep in mind, before you book the hotel, check the list and maybe even a few customer reviews for added security.


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