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As of May 2010, only three of us will still be University students.  The rest of us will be off to new adventures, putting our editing skills to use in the “real” world—and by that we don’t mean the MTV show.  This coming year you can find us in theaters, publishing programs, and study-abroad sessions around the world. (And hopefully not living in our parents’ basements.)

By the time we have to have real jobs, we hope to be on the cover of Forbes for singlehandedly resuscitating the publishing world.  You will be able to find us at magazines, art organizations, travel publications, and independent publishers.  Actually, we’ll settle for any paying job with benefits.

Thanks to everyone–and we do mean one–for reading our blog. You’ve put up with our tangents about Muppet bugs, statues, fairytales, and Taiwanese weddings.  And especially thanks to all the subjects of our posts for putting up with all our desperate, last-minute requests for interviews. We stole your anecdotes and we gave you no glory, except a brief mention here.

Time to close the laptop and go somewhere.

Desiree, Agnes, Merisa, Sherry, Jaynie, & Drew


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