I realized that my friend Claire Watne is bound to come home soon, so I sent her an email to see how her trip was wrapping up and what her plans were for after she came home. I’m sure being in another country for several months changes your perspective on how you want to live. Claire gave me quite a lengthy explanation and she has changed a lot about her future.
Claire started her email in Spanish, and though I didn’t understand it. I can tell already she is becoming more fluent, using it much more than English, as she often switches between the two. She told me she is still having a really great time, and is very reluctant to leave, but she won’t be gone from Venezuela for long. “I’m also still planning on coming back next year after I graduate, and have made plans to attend la Universidad de los Andes, which is a FREE public university here. It’s one of the best in Latin America. 🙂 I’ll probably go for Modern Languages and learn French and Italian, or something like that… I’m also hoping to get a job with them teaching English, which would include 100% benefits for free.”
Her semester ends this Thursday, and most students are leaving the day or two after their tests. but Claire has chosen to stay a couple weeks past her finals so she can explore Venezuela on her own time. “I’m going to be staying with a friend in el centro (downtown), and just chilling… we’re going to go to a beach called Chorroni for a few days during that time as well.”
Her plans for when she gets home? Visit friends, family, and of course, show off some new dance moves. “I’m definitely going salsa dancing at Famous Dave’s and showing off my Venezuelan salsa… which is very different from Mexican and Puerto Rican salsa that they dance in the states.”