As of Monday, I have 8 days until I arrive in Europe.  I am kind of nervous so I sent out an email to my friends who have gone abroad, and this is the general consensus:

  • Dublin: my friend, Jenny, said I had to go because she “loved it there. It’s way more laid back then London, which you will need when you have been there for a bit.”  She also recommended going on the countryside bus ride because “it is so beautiful.” My other friend, Steph, said that Dublin was fun.  She heard Glasgow is cool and not so touristy, but she never got the chance to go.

  • Italy: Steph said, “If you’re going to go anywhere in Italy go to Rome, there is so much to see and do there.”  Sophie also suggested going to Rome, if anywhere in Italy.  She said she really enjoyed the history, and things to see there.

  • Greece: I have heard great things about the islands, but the mainland is “dirty” and “touristy.” Steph said, “Santorini and Mikonos (the Grecian islands)…is a far plane ride but it was the best trip I’ve EVER taken and I know you will love it! My friend, Brooke, says to avoid Greece.  She said that it was just too hard to get to, and you really don’t have enough time to enjoy it.  She said “save it for the honeymoon!”

  • Barcelona: This is the #1 place my friends said to visit.  Three of them said it was one of their favorite places in Europe.  Sophie said, “I’m not sure if I’m biased but my favorite city is Barcelona by far!” Steph said “It’s amazing and if you go, go to CHUPITOS.  It’s a shot bar and its unbelievable!”

  • Amsterdam: Steph and Sophie both said that this town was fun, but they didn’t really have much else to say about it.

  • Portugal: Steph said this was probably her biggest letdown of her whole trip, but that some people liked it.

  • Paris: Sophie said, “Paris is really cool, good nightlife too, and lots to see.” Steph also said this is a nice place to visit.

  • Finally, LONDON: Sophie said that this is somewhere people should visit, but Steph and Jenny had the most to say since both studied there. Both Jenny and Steph mentioned Movida.  Jenny said, “It is expensive, but like a club type thing.” Steph provided more detail.   She said to go to Movida on a Monday or during the week.  “Be prepared to meet rich men because drinks are 100 pounds (you may see celebs there too!)”

Steph also told me to hit up Zoo bar, but that Tiger Tiger would be more of a let down.  “Try to avoid the clubs the men are trying to promote downtown if you want the real abroad experience.  Those clubs have 20 pound covers, and the people there consist of abroad students/creepy men.”

In Notting Hill, Steph loved the pubs; it was her favorite place in London.  She suggested going to the market on Saturday and going to Hummingbird Bakery–“celebs rave about it and, it’s the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.”

As for Snog, “You HAVE to go to SNOG. It is by far the best frozen yogurt lace ever.  They have one in the Soho area downtown; just ask people where it is. Also because I told you that you have to ship me at least a couple gallons of their frozen yogurt back.”

I don’t know if I will ship her any frozen yogurt, but I definitely owe her and all of my friends for all the info they gave me!