My friend Brooke, an architecture student, just got accepted into Syracuse University for graduate school—congrats Brooke! Last year she went to the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen. When she got back she filled me in on all the amazing things she did, but this story is amazing in a creepy crawly way.

I don’t know if it’s typical of architecture students, but I don’t know anyone who studies as late as Brooke. Even in a different time zone, she was up until 1:30 AM. “After brushing my teeth I went back into my room” she said, “only to find the hugest bug I have ever seen.”

It was “hanging on the lamp above my room, which actually hangs about even with my head.” I drew a picture of it as evidence because my camera was out of battery,” said Brooke, ever the architecture student. A few words here are worth a thousand pictures: “It had legs like a daddy-longlegs spider, a quad set of wings, a head the size of a pea with a Gonzo (the muppet) snout, 4 antennae sticking out of it’s head, and the body of a long, thick maggot—so, I about died.”

Unable to actually approach it, she considered her options. She could wake up Nina, her host mom, or call 122 (the Danish 911). The drawing was over. She turned off her right brain and turned on her left:

1) The bug would stay in place as long as the lamp was on.
2) I could not kill it, because I didn’t have a large enough shoe, and the lamp was an expensive Danish design that was all wavy with no flat surface to get a good hit.
3) It was only a few feet from my bed, and I didn’t want to be that near to it
4) There was no way I was sleeping in my room that night.

The next morning the “damned thing” was still there, but Nina finally came to her rescue. “Oh these things are in the garden, they won’t bite you!” Nina said. Brook wasn’t buying it:.“Ya, the thing could potentially have swallowed me whole.”

Despite their best efforts, the maggot-spider-Gonzo impersonator eluded them.” To this day, I have no idea what became of the bugger,” she said “I hope it died.”