Italy may have offered up a smooth and creamy gelato, but it has nothing on Argentinean ice cream. Freddo, a family business that opened in 1969, changed the way ice cream is experienced in Argentina. Some of the ice creams are smooth and creamy, while others might be described as irresistible or dense, traditional or kosher. Freddo offers up a flavor for everyone. The variety is vast and it is divided into groups such as chocolates, creams, dulce de leches, and fruits.

This flavorful fiesta in your mouth usually contains more milk and less cream than the American counterpart. This means you can save a few calories (as long as you keep the quantity down!). This treat is super sweet too – perfect after a full entrée!

If you’re headed to Buenos Aires anytime soon, it’s a good idea to check out what the L.A. Times travel section says about ice cream shops in that beautiful city. Apparently those little shops are busy, busy all year round.