Celebrities are all over TV, in the movies, on the radio. But who is considered a celebrity overseas? I talked to my co-worker, Randy Chang, who is an exchange student from China. His definition of a celebrity was well put:

“Basically, I think the definitions of being celebrities are all the same. There must be something special. Nice look, sense of humor. Voice (Singer), or Body language (Actor).”

Randy is 22, a senior at the U of M, and majoring in Math and Statistics. He listed off a few Taiwanese performers who are stars in China. Unsurprisingly, I had heard of none of them.

Jay Chou is a singer who has produced 9 studio albums and is working on a 10th to be released this May. He is known for composing all his own songs, which blend traditional Chinese music with R&B, rap, and rock.  He has also delved into acting, directing, and producing.

Mayday is an alternative rock band. They have been making music since the late 90s and just finished a tour last year. There are 5 members, all male. Their music began with a hard edge to it but later albums sound more like anthems. They have said that their inspiration for their rock music style came from the the Beatles.

Kwai Lun-Mei (also Guey Lun-Mei) is an actress. A lot of her recognition was actually gained from starring as the lead actress in a movie called Secret, directed by the above-mentioned Jay Chou. She has been in several movies as well as a couple TV shows.

This is just a basic list of who’s famous in China. It seems their stars are very talented and keep really busy.