I am going to London this summer, and I had to do the normal research to prepare: What should I do while I am there? Where are the best places to eat? What do people wear?  This question may not sound important to some, but to me, and hopefully a few more people, the answers are key to blending in.  It took me a little while, but I found a few websites that helped me answer those questions.  I went to The London Times style page and packed my rain boots. But if you aren’t going to London, don’t worry there are websites for you, too.  If you are going to Italy check out the Milan Daily Fashion Blog; it is full of pictures and it’s in English!  Going to Barcelona? Don’t worry, try on this street fashion website named Trendy Crew.  There are a lot of pictures to base your outfits off .   Oui, Francias? I found a French Elle Magazine website. Warning: it is in French, so not only are you learning how to dress, French style, but you also get to touch up on your French.  Come on, I can’t make it too easy on you.  If you are going to the way far East–Japan–bring your bright colors, according to a website called Japanese Streets.  And finally Australia.  This website named Perth Woman should help you with all your fashion needs.  Alright guys, I hope I made packing, or shopping, a little bit easier on you.