I flew out of town last Saturday, but before I could go anywhere, I needed to figure out how to get to the airport. If you’re not sure how to get from wherever you are to MSP, all you need is ten minutes online to change that.

I used Google Maps. It’s straightforward, and it links to destination websites (if they have one), street views, and bus route schedules.

If you live around campus, driving is the shortest means to the airport, but if you plan to park there, it’s also the most expensive. General parking costs you $8 for the first hour, $2 each additional hour, and maxes out at $20. For more details, visit the MSP. Public transportation triples the time, but costs you a $2 fare at most. Biking, minus luggage, will get you there in a little over an hour, free. With luggage? That spells road hazard. Walking? A small marathon. Google estimates the 11 mile journey at about 4 hours.

I went with public transportation. If you live around campus, take the light rail. Excluding any bus transfers, The LRT will shuttle you straight there. But depending on where you live, there are two LRT stations to consider.

If you live on or near the West Bank the Cedar Riverside Station, near the Bedlam Theater, is your best bet. But if you live east of the river and need to bus it, don’t stop on west bank. Continue to the Metrodome Station. You’re going away from the airport, but a bus trip to the Metrodome beats your walk to Cedar Riverside by six minutes, which might count if you’re flight leaves in an hour. However you get there, it’s important to remember your terminal number. Going south by car or the LRT, Terminal 1-Lindbergh arrives before Terminal-2 Humphrey.

For bus schedules, visit MetroTransit.