All of my friends who have studied abroad suggest one thing: travel.  Although I don’t leave for Europe until May, I have already started planning my To-Do list.  Here are a few of my must sees:

London: Oxford Street is known worldwide for its stores–think Rodeo Drive but cheaper, and more stores.  548 shops, 84 places to eat, and 15 places to stay.  This is the perfect location to buy those souvenirs, but be warned this is the busiest street in London!

Paris: Baz Luhrmann made this place famous again when he made a movie about it.  The Moulin Rouge is located in the Red Light District of Paris.  This cabaret is where the traditional French Can-Can originated, but back in the day this wasn’t a Can-Can you could phone home about.  Since then, it has evolved into a legitimate nightclub, and now, a tourist hot spot.

Pamplona, Spain. Dangerous? Check. An activity rich in culture? Check.  My friend Tommy went to Spain last summer and ran with the bulls.  I don’t think of him as an irrational person, but after looking at some of his pictures, he seems nuts.  If you are in Spain, and a little bit off your rocker, this is something you “have to do!”