Welcome back. Here are the final two of my four interviews on Chatroulette, a website that randomly connects you with strangers via web cam and chat room. Is this a reliable resource for travel advice? Absolutely not. This maelstrom social activity is probably not going to turn up what your looking for.

But if you go in empty handed, you might run into someone who can give a little about their homeland or maybe where they’ve traveled. Then it becomes a question of can you trust them–they’re still strangers.

Because of the length of the conversations, I’ve taken the liberty of cutting out the trivial and tangential.

Some typos were fixed for readability. Names have been added before the fact.

Here’s part two:

Stranger: Andrew from Chili

Andrew: hi

Drew: hey

Andrew: how r u

Drew: good

Drew: having fun trying to interview strangers

Andrew: hahaha

Andrew: minnesota?

Drew: yeah minneapolis

Stranger: name?

Drew: drew

Drew: u?

Andrew: Andrew

Drew: nice

Andrew: from Chile

Drew: nah really?

Andrew: really!

Andrew: look

(Andrew stretches out the front of his Chilean soccer shirt)

Andrew: believe me?

Drew: cool

Drew: could you recommend any things to do for excitement in chile?

Drew: Places to see, eat, drink?

Andrew: san pedro de atacama

Andrew: north of chile

Drew: what’s it like?

Andrew: beautiful place, cordillera de los andes

Andrew: google earth 😛

Drew: yeah I will for sure

Andrew: i think that san pedro de atacama and torres del paine (paine’s tower)

Andrew: are the best places

Drew: what’s your favorite food?

Andrew: pizza 😛

Andrew: and here exist the “completos”

Drew: what are those!?

Andrew: like a hot dog

Andrew: but

Andrew: have tomato, cabagge

Drew: great

Drew: hey man i have no more questions

Andrew: so great

Andrew: ok

Drew: you answered them all and more!

Stranger: no problem 😛

Stranger: Soukaina Origin: Morocco

Drew: have you traveled abroad anywhere?

Soukaina: yes i did

Drew: would you mind telling me where and something about it

Soukaina: I went to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Canaries Islands .. that’s it i think

Soukaina: People in Spain and Italy are very very friendly, i loved them

Drew: where did you meet friendly people in spain?

Soukaina: Alicante, Benidorme, especially at the beaches

Drew: was the trip a family thing, school thing?

Soukaina: A family thing

Drew: if you go anywhere now where would you go?

Soukaina: I would love to go to the USA

Soukaina: Or England

Drew: Come to minnesota!

Drew: its cold and dreary this time of the year

Soukaina: haha, i was just going to ask you about the weather there!

Drew: well its actually getting warmer

Drew: the worst is over

Drew: what’s the weather like there?

Soukaina: Oh, it’s sunny and hot, most of the time.

San Pedro Atacama