My application to study abroad is due Monday. The anxiety has made me long for someone to hold my hand like a child’s, and help me through these steps. I hope to be a figurative helping hand for anyone applying to study abroad. First things first. If you haven’t gone to 230 Heller Hall, go.  This is the study abroad office, and they will help you get started.  More specifically, they will tell you the times for their first step meetings.  The first step meeting is exactly what it sounds like: a first step.  After you have been to a meeting, you can start planning your study abroad destination, set up a profile, and meet with an advisor.

Now, the difficult part begins. The study abroad website can be tricky.  First, pick “program information” under the “programs” tab. From here, choose the region you would like to study in, then the country, then the program.  Once you get to a specific program, I suggest you wander around a little bit: look at the academics, the program resources, etc.  After you have made your decision to apply to the program, click the “apply and confirm” button.  Then the “apply to this program” button.  There will be a list of things you should print out: application checklist, learning abroad application, application essay, college transcript, method of payment form (there is a $50 non-refundable application fee), and course selection form. After filling this out, all there is left to do is wait! Good luck!