According to Google, it’s a popular question. When I typed, “Is studying” into Google “abroad worth it?” popped up in the suggested search bar. After utilizing advanced logic that I picked up in college, I’ve deduced that millions of students must be asking Google (and themselves) the same question. According to almost every website out there, the answer to this query is YES. According to every person I’ve ever spoken to that has studied abroad, the answer is YES.

So why do students need so much assurance? I once again must refer to my favorite search engine for an answer. The third suggestion Google offered when I typed in “Is studying” was “is studying abroad expensive?” (FYI the second was “ is studying too much bad?”). Cost deserves a place in the study abroad discussion—you don’t want to come back to the States in a job-strained economy with a ton of debt hanging over your head. However, you should know that well-advertised programs like Arcadia are up there when it comes to cost. If you do your research well, you’ll find that going abroad on a budget is possible. For example, the University of Malta has an exchange program with a tuition cost that is comparable to that of many public universities.  So get going guys! Start researching programs you can afford, after all, studying too much (for scholarships for study abroad students) is NOT bad.