With Easter coming up, I asked my friend Brook what Easter is like in Dublin. She studied abroad last semester and had a great story about Holy Monday, the Monday before Easter.  Straight from her mouth to the page:

So, Monday, Holy Monday, Nina (her host mother) let me invite four of my friends over for a Danish holiday celebration & Easter brunch. All of us had off school anyway, national holiday.

All 10 of us, my host family and my friends, sat down to this glorious/ unbelieveable meal…

everything was homemade except the fish…

herring (prepped 3 different ways)

liver patee (livrepostej)

frigadellas (danish meatballs)

beats and cabbage

several different meats and cheeses

homemade bread and rye bread

spiced onion pie

4 or 5 different salads including: sushi seaweed salad, 10 different kinds of beer, and alcoholic ciders were on the table and schnapps (Danish schnapps, which I am told is as potent as whiskey, it’s no USA schnapps)

So the brunch was absolutely smashing, and every now and then someone would start a Danish schnapps song.  They have schnapps songs, not so much drinking songs, it all revolves around these shots! And everyone has a shot glass set at the table. They were really funny and all in Danish but they translated them for us, kinda dirty, haha it was hilarious, lots of laughs were passed!

We then went out to the park to play a little soccer, Denmark (4 players) vs our US 5 players, and it was evenly matched-ish. There were 3 half times, which were really beer breaks, and lots of cultural convo.

We got back from soccer and Nina had made us a lamb dinner, complete with scalloped potatoes— the best ones I have ever tasted EVER! Finished off with made-from-scratch chocolate cake— I wanted to die right there. She told me a great story about Holy Monday, the Monday before Easter.  Straight from her mouth to the page.