How far can an American dollar get you? One of the most important things to know when travelling is the currency rate of the different countries you visit, and how those rates relate to the dollar. Is the dollar even worth an entire pound? Or what about an entire dinar?

A dollar might get you a lot in some countries, and not so much in others. It is worth less than a euro, $0.64 to be exact. On the other hand, the peso, which is used in many countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Chile, is worth less than a dollar. The exact amount depends on which country you visit.

While we’re discussing exchange rates, it’s probably useful to know what kind of money is used in different places. England has not yet converted to the euro, so they are still using pounds as their monetary unit. Italy uses lira, Japan uses yen, and Switzerland still uses the franc, believe it or not. Don’t forget that India has the exotic sounding rupee.

To exchange your dollars for foreign currency, you have a few options. Local banks are usually able to exchange your dollars for the most common types of currencies (i.e., euros or pesos). The international airport is the place to get small amounts of foreign currency, and they will also be the only place that takes back foreign coins upon your return home.  So before you go, check the rates and make sure you’re getting all the bang for your buck!