Singapore Sling, The Fall of Rome, Warsaw Waffle…these are not the names of bands or names of food. These drinks are originated in the countries and cities they are named after, but can you have one if you’re not 21 yet? That all depends on the drinking age of the country.

I just recently turned 21, so now I can have any kind of drink wherever I go. If you’re impatient to turn 21 to drink in the United States, and you’re in a hurry to get experimenting new things, just travel abroad.

If you find yourself travelling to Germany, Greece or Poland (home of the Warsaw Waffle) you can drink as young as the age of 16. Don’t travel with any younger siblings to Fiji or Morocco though, because there is no drinking age in either country, and you might end up babysitting in an unpleasant way. The majority of countries that you might want to visit have a drinking age of 18, so all you college students are already set to try a Chimay Beer or Pisco Sour when you arrive.